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3-Step process

1:  SOLUTIONS:  I personally outline the Process and provide solutions to accelerate your objectives in your house, apartment, home office, company office, studio, commercial building or retail location.

2SET GOALS:  Using your specifications and mapping techniques, I position your goals for the results you are seeking and revitalize energy and flow throughout your space.

3.  BENEFITS:  I improve your space, immediately, in our  remote consultation.  You instantly see the improvements and experience the benefits of your newly up-scaled space.

REMOTE DURING COVID 19: For safety, during COVID 19. all visits are virtual.  During our conversation and virtual walk though of your space based on your blueprints/photos and/or verbal descriptions,

I cover all aspects of my 3-Step Process, initiate changes immediately and give follow-ups via phone and emails.  You will have an easy to follow plan and a pace to suit your needs.    

Autumn Sale 50% Off - Normally $250.00 Now: $125.00/1.5 hour consultation: (on-site, my home office, an off-site location of your choice or remote see above); plus follow-up phone calls and follow-up emails. We will cover everything you need to know to begin this wonderful process, and how to incorporate it into your life on an ongoing basis.

Larger Homes/Larger Home Offices:  If more time is required on-site, or if you would like to book additional time in advance, a

2020 Autumn Special Fee is provided.

Corporate Offices:  Depending on the size of the office space and the number of offices/common spaces, a 2020 Autumn Special Fee is provided..

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