HOME & HOME OFFICE:  "We had found ourselves at a point with our space that we needed to make some changes. I had always wanted to have a feng shui expert guide us. I was specifically looking for an overall sense of harmony and peace in the space. I can say that there is no doubt that that is what was achieved. Kirby guided us room by room and told us exactly what to do.  We continue to live a more harmonious life.  I highly recommend "the home balancer" to guide you through all your space needs." Alicia & David, Pilates Studio Owner; Consultant 

BUSINESS: "My income has quadrupled!" My antiques business expanded to 3 in-store stores; I received an $8K windfall in an auction & sale; leased a new BMW and purchased an investment Florida property. Subsequently, Ryan bought and renovated a CA ranch. 3 A-list celebs booked his ranch for a birthday celebration weekend.

Ryan, Real Estate Developer, Antiques Dealer

HOUSE & HOME OFFICE:  Entrance, living, dining, kitchen, children's rooms, bedroom and home office areas of their house: "Our family needed this so badly, the house feels great and it was feeling not great for a while. Thank you!" Lillian, Business Owner, Film Director, Producer

HEALTH:  The major concern was for the Health Areas of their new home:  "Yesterday I realized that my husband has not complained once about his knee and the damp weather. The past 3 years when it rains for days like it has been he would be up all night trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in.  I asked him this morning how his knee was feeling and his reply was 'Not Bad'. I can't remember the last time he said the pain in his knee was 'Not Bad'. Thanks!!!" 

Lisa, New Home Owner

RELATIONSHIPS & CAREER: "In the hour, Kirby explained her guiding principles to me. I thought I knew what I was doing until she made things clear. Kirby advised me how to make changes, both small and large in each area of my home. Since that time I have found troublesome relationships improved. In the work arena, since the changes in my home office, I have received 2 new commissions! She is not just skilled, but compassionate and understanding of specific needs. Highly recommend!" Julie, Media Executive

HOME OFFICE:  "The consultation was for my home office, and I was delighted with the results. Not only were recommendations made for layout, color, materials, and some 'fixes' for problem areas, but also some great suggestions for maintaining the results and making future improvements. I was left with a clutter-free, positive place to work, as well as a new understanding of how and why Feng Shui works."

Jen, Owner, Interior Design Co.

HOME: "From the moment Kirby walked in, she was actively involved in improving my space. I've had 2 other consultations in my home, I don't remember them at all, I will not forget this one. I will be scheduling another consultation soon. Thanks!! "

Marianne, Health Care Professional